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We are your Fully Licensed

International Specialty Pharma Distributor

Working closely with HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, PHARMA IMPORTERS and CLINICAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, we help our clients throughout the world gain access to urgently needed U.S. FDA medications.

Our team is an exceptional mix of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and who are fluent in five different languages. In practice this translates into an open-minded work environment where diversity and differences are valued and respected.

  • Orphan drugs for rare and ultra-rare diseases
  • Newly launched specialty drugs with delayed international distribution
  • Replacement supply for shortages
  • Comparator drugs for clinical trials

Healthcare Provider, Pharma Importer, CRO

What We Supply

We proudly offer complete lines of:

  • Generic Rx
  • Specialty Rx
  • Orphan Drugs
  • Controlled Rx
  • OTC
  • Nutritional Supplements

How We Supply It

Named Patient Supply

Healthcare professionals worldwide are faced with the challenge of treating patients who need a medicine that is not locally available to them.

Clinical Trial Supply

Clinical Trial Supply has been a driving force of One-World’s business since the company was founded in 2001.

Managed Access Programs

One-World works with U.S. manufacturers and distributors to provide investigational or unapproved drugs to providers so they can treat their patients…

Third Party Logistics

Logistics outsourcing for “high touch – high value” biologics has become a recommended practice for the storage and handling of critically sensitive products. 

Shortages and Stock Outs

Medicine shortages can occur for many reasons:

Specialty Drugs and Biologics

Typically treating chronic or terminal conditions, specialty drug treatments are the fastest growing pharmaceutical sector in the world.

Orphan Drug Distribution

Orphan drugs are defined as “drugs and biologics intended for the safe and effective treatment,

Export of Controlled Drugs

Our fully licensed and trained staff works closely with the Atlanta office of the USDEA, the state of Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency, 

“We are committed to do our best every day to meet the pharmaceutical supply needs for your patients or clinical trials.”


Tony Harper

Founder and CEO

Service Matters…why our customers like ours.

  • Excellent pricing and availability due to our manufacturer and distributor relationships
  • Complete and accurate quote requests answered within 1 to 2 business days
  • A culturally diverse service team from 4 countries speaking 5 different languages
  • Supply chain integrity through advanced security and monitoring technologies
  • Expertise in sourcing, handling and export documentation of controlled drugs.
  • Monitored cold chain packaging and shipping using the latest technology in certified shippers and data logging systems
  • Experience in global regulatory guidelines and foreign customs requirements

Examples include

One-World has more than 20 years of experience with international logistics and foreign customs regulations. We have successfully shipped thousands of packages to international customers around the world. All shipments are professionally consolidated, double-checked for accuracy, and carefully packed. Close attention is spent on document preparation to ensure the shipments move efficiently between countries.

Strategically headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia near one of the busiest transport hubs in the world, One-World offers multiple shipping options and services to meet the needs of any time-sensitive situation throughout the world.