Specialty Pharmaceutical Facility


Strategically headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia near one of the busiest transport hubs in the world, One-World offers multiple shipping options and services to meet the needs of any time-sensitive situation throughout the world. Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies have offices in Atlanta and all the major pharmaceutical distributors have major distribution centers here.

International Pharma Distributor


One-World has invested in a robust security integration platform from Honeywell International to counter the ever growing threat of pharmaceutical theft and to assure proper product handling in our facility. The system includes:

  • Access control and smart card solutions to restrict access and manage employee movement

  • Comprehensive perimeter intrusion control and detection system with the latest video, movement and sound technology

  • Interior video system located throughout the facility including the controlled drug, refrigerated and ambient product handling areas.

  • The data collected through this integrated security system is continuously recorded and monitored allowing for remote smart phone viewing and instant notifications.

Environmental Monitoring

Pharmaceuticals and biologics are increasingly environmentally sensitive and great care must be taken when handling, storing and transporting. Innovative technologies are central to the successful management of these high value treatments.

Our holding facility consists of three mapped chambers that maintain different temperature ranges within strict tolerances defined by US and EMA pharmacopeia guidelines. Additionally, humidity ranges are controlled electronically through a programmed humidistat. All these environmental measures are continually monitored and all the data kept on disk drives. Any chamber range deviation alarms the dedicated staff members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and appropriate action is taken.

To maintain supply chain integrity and mitigate environmental hazards during transport, we use only validated shippers with temperature monitoring during transport. All products are shipped in innovative, thermal packing solutions.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Holding Facility