FDA Approved Drugs For Providers

Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Physicians

Emergency medications for critically ill patients

Rare disease treatments not locally available

Supply for small institutional research

Government Health Ministries

Pre-registration supply of U.S. FDA approved specialty pharmaceuticals

Replacement supply for depleted stock or manufacturer backorders

Specialty pharmaceutical supply for tenders when U.S. FDA approved pharmaceuticals are required

Pharmaceutical Import Companies

Daily, weekly, or monthly consolidated shipments as required

Constant collaboration on market needs and newly available treatments

Price considerations for large high value purchases

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Emergency shipments and logistical support to virtually any location worldwide

Specialized packaging for environmentally sensitive medicines

Licensed to handle and export controlled substances by the U.S. FDA

One-World has long established relationships with:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers

  • Specialty pharmacies

  • Leading national distributors

We proudly offer complete lines of:

  • Specialty pharmaceuticals

  • Innovative biologics

  • Orphan drugs

  • Nutritional supplements

As a provider, you can also take comfort, knowing we offer:

  • Secure sourcing that has been vetted and audited.

  • Prompt courteous responses to your requests in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and English.

  • A prompt and accurate response to requests for quotations including product information, pricing and availability within 24 hours during normal customer service hours.

  • Excellent pricing thanks to our manufacturer and distributor agreements. We will do our best to beat any competitor’s prices.

  • Orders that are always confirmed, consolidated, and checked for accuracy prior to shipping.

  • The concentrated efforts of our experienced staff to assure that your order arrives on time, in excellent condition, and meets or exceeds your expectations.

We understand the complexities associated with international logistics, regulations, and communication. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced to handle virtually any of your requests. The most important product we sell is our service to you, your patients, and the success of your outcomes. We believe in building long-term relationships and value the opportunity to help people live better and longer lives.

At One-World, we go above and beyond so that you can give your patients the quality medications they deserve.

Please contact us for any treatments not readily available in your area.